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2014-Nov-05OAME First ever Abacus published by OAME (October 1973) now in the Gazette Archive
2014-Jan-18OAME Updated Site Map, various upcoming event dates (AGM, Leadership2014)
2014-Jan-17OAME Added Table of Contents and Presidents Message from Dec 2013 Gazette
2014-Jan-17OAME Updated OAME News, links to new resources on EduGAINS (refreshed site)
2013-Sep-11OAME September 2013 Gazette and Abacus table of contents made available / Digital Members receive link to PDF
2013-Sep-01OAME New OAME exec begin term for 2013-2014 school year, including President Sonia Ellison
2012-Aug-17OAME OAME Awards updated for 2012, award winners added to OAME archives as well
2012-Aug-16OAME Presidents Messages updated from past year.
2012-Aug-15OAME Site Map updated
2012-Aug-15OAME email addresses for all OAME board members
2012-Jan-01OAME New membership type introduced - OAME Digital Membership. OAME membership fees restructured.
2011-Dec-13OAME Financial Literacy resources now available online (grades 7 - 10 lessons and professional learning guide)
2011-Oct-29OAME OAME Fall Leadership conference ends. Thanks for all organizers, presenters and participants !
2011-Oct-27OAME OAME Leadership Conference for Fall 2011 begins today !
2011-Oct-15OAME The OAME app (for smartphones and tablets) is officially released at the OAME Board of Directors meeting
2011-Oct-14OAME Sample articles from the Abacus and Gazette posted as a taste of what's inside the actual journals
2011-Oct-14OAME Added section in OAME Archives for OAME Leadership Award winners
2011-Oct-14OAME OAME Board of Directors meeting this weekend
2011-Oct-11OAME What's New updated with news from the past 3 months
2011-Oct-08OAME Registration closed for 2011 Fall Leadership Conference
2011-Sep-26OAME OAME Executive meeting this weekend
2011-Sep-17OAME Added OAME Annual Conferences to OAME Archives
2011-Aug-26OAME Added Abacus Editors to OAME Archives
2011-Aug-15OAME Added Gazette Editors to OAME Archives
2011-Aug-05OAME Table of Contents posted for Gazettes 31 - 40 (1992 - 2002)
2011-Aug-01OAME Expanded the OAME Archives section, including adding pictures for many of the people listed therein. Added Union Gas award winners
2011-Jul-25OAME Table of Contents posted for Gazettes 21 - 30 (1982 - 1992)
2011-Jul-12OAME Table of Contents posted for Gazettes 11 - 20 (1972 - 1982)
2011-Jul-03OAME Table of Contents posted for Gazettes 1 - 10 (1962 - 1972)
2011-Jun-18OAME Added Mona and Morley MacGregor award winners to Awards Archives
2011-Jun-16OAME Added Elementary School Staff award for Exceptional and Collaborative Teaching winners to Ye Olde Archives
2011-Jun-15OAME Added Don Attridge / Secondary Teacher award winners to Ye Olde Archives
2011-Jun-15OAME Added links to OAME wiki page and Building Futures website for K - 6 Grade Specific Resources area (both links are in fact compilations of great info!)
2011-Jun-14OAME Table of Contents posted for June 2011 Gazette
2011-Jun-14OAME President's Message posted for June 2011 - Connie Quadrini
2011-Jun-04OAME OMO 2011 takes place at U of T, hosted by TEAMS
2011-Jun-03OAME OAME board of directors meeting
2011-May-27OAME OAME Executive meeting this weekend
2011-May-27OAME OAME Archives added to About OAME menu - initially listing previous Exec Directors and Past Presidents of OAME (still in development)
2011-May-26OAME OAME Fall Leadership conference 2011 registration now open. Brochure available online.
2011-May-25OAME OAME 2011 Award winners posted - congratulations to all
2011-May-24OAME OAME Meeting Dates for 2011-2012 year updated
2011-May-23OAME Gazette & Abacus March 2011 Table of Contents posted
2011-May-14OAME OAME 2011 Annual Conference concludes - thanks Windsor ! Great job SWOAME !
2011-May-13OAME OAME AGM held. Welcome to new OAME President, Connie Quadrini, and new OAME board members. OAME Banquet takes place at St. Clair Centre for the Arts
2011-May-12OAME OAME 2011 Annual Conference begins ! Put Math on the Map !
2011-Apr-15OAME OAME Executive meeting this weekend
2011-Mar-14OAME Happy PI Day - 2011 !
2011-Mar-07OAME OAME Elections now open - voting online is live in the Members Only section
2011-Mar-03OAME OAME Leadership Conference "Big Ideas & Mathematics Instruction: Thinking Big about Planning & Assessment" begins
2011-Feb-19OAME Awards archive pages fixed (broken links reconnected)
2011-Feb-09OAME OAME 3D logo added to home page
2011-Feb-07OAME Two resources from Queens University added to Links/Resources area: "Math Towers" and "Web-based Mathematics Activities for Early Years"
2011-Feb-05OAME OAME board of directors meeting
2011-Jan-08OAME December 2010 Gazette and Abacus available in Members Only section in PDF format
2010-Dec-09OAME December 2010 Gazette and Abacus table of contents listed online
2010-Oct-22OAME OAME board of directors meeting
2010-Jun-12OAME OAME board of directors meeting
2009-Oct-23OAME OAME Board of Directors meeting this weekend
2009-Sep-25OAME OAME Executive meeting this weekend
2009-Sep-22OAME Link to OAME 2010 posted in Quick Links right side panel
2009-Sep-21OAME Updated OAME Award Nomination forms uploaded to website in "About OAME" - "Awards" section
2009-Sep-17OAME September 2009 Gazette and Abacus - Table of Contents listed online
2009-Sep-12OAME New President's Message posted from September Gazette
2009-Sep-09OAME Modified What's New flyouts to reflect various categories (get just the newest changes for one area)
2009-Sep-08OAME Updated version of "What's New" section created
2009-Sep-06OAME New StatsCan resource available - webpage for stats on Social Justice Issues
2009-Sep-05OAME Walter Whiteley, former member of the OAME Board of Directors, has been honoured with the 2009 Canadian Mathematical Society Adrien Pouliot Award.
2009-Sep-04OAME OAME 2010 Leadership Conference - brochure available and registration open
2009-Sep-02OAME Grade Specific Resources updated with links for grades 7, 8 and 9
2009-Sep-01OAME OAME website makeover - unveiling of new design