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Welcome to OAME. The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education is the professional organization for everyone interested in Mathematics Education in Ontario. Our mission is to promote excellence in mathematics education throughout the Province of Ontario. For more about OAME, check out our Vision for Learning Mathematics.

OAME 2015 - huge success!

Congratulations goes out to Wayne Erdman and his amazing team of organizers and volunteers who helped make this year's conference such a HUGE success and best ever! Anyone who attended the Building Mathematical Mindsets conference, which was held at Humber College North Campus on May 7 - 10, 2015, will vouch for that! If you did attend, please remember to fill out the online evaluation, after which you will be able to print off a Certificate of Participation as well as your Official OAME 2015 Receipt. Check the OAME2015 website for other news, and links (eventually) to items shared by presenters. link ...

2 New Apps! Money & Notepad for iOS, Android & HTM


iOS Link|Android

Represent various money amounts using these realistic images of Canadian coins and bills.
Mathematical Concepts:
Create visual representations that help explore mathematical thinking related to:
  • Estimating and counting the value of a collection of money
  • Skip counting using the value of one of the coins or bills
  • Representing the relationship between coins and bills. (Eg. There are 8 quarters in a toonie)
  • Adding and subtracting money amounts by making simulated purchases and providing change
  • Exploring place value and unit conversions
  • Notepad

    iOS Link|Android

    Write solutions, sketch diagrams, create graphs and record your mathematical thinking using the Notepad by mathies. Take a screenshot of your work to share with your teacher or add to a portfolio.
  • Select the background: grid, isometric dot, lined or blank
  • Customize the background s appearance by adjusting colours or the number of rows and columns, resizing and/or repositioning
  • Type notes using the text tool
  • Use the pencil tool for freestyle writing and drawings
  • Use the built-in shapes for precise drawing including arrows, lines, rectangles, squares, ovals, circles, triangles and starbursts
  • Change colour, line thickness, fill colour and transparency
  • link ...

    Rekenrek App - On AppStore and Google Play

    Rekenrek by mathies is a virtual learning tool which can be used to build a deeper understanding of number concepts and relationships. A powerful feature of this tool is the ability for students to explain their mathematical thinking using the annotation features. This is the first official "app" brought to you by OAME in partnership with the Ministry of Education and CODE. It is now available in the App store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android. A desktop version can be downloaded from link ...

    New on

    Just released - check out "Diamond Drop - Sign of a Sum" which is a game that reinforces integer addition, and the result of adding two integers (by categorizing the sum as being > 0, or < 0, or = 0)

    Also released are two more virtual tools, "Relational Rods" and "Whole Numbers Rods" which allow you to represent, compare, order, and operate on whole numbers, fractions or decimals by dragging rods from the relational rod tower into the workspace and manipulating them. link ...

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