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Taking Stock in Your Future -- Free Resources

Taking Stock In Your Future Intermediate Guide

This hands-on resource for educators of grades 7 and 8 is fully integrated with national mathematics curricula. The Guide introduces students to effective management of personal finances and provides students with a solid foundation for their futures. It enhances and integrates language with mathematics content.

Taking Stock In Your Future Senior Guide

This resource for teachers of senior level high-school courses in business, mathematics and economics implement the portions of the new curriculum that deal with money management and capital markets.

Both Guides are classroom ready and include:

  • real-world examples and user-friendly activities
  • time-saving teaching strategies
  • web-based activities and Internet excursions
  • samples of student work and evaluation rubrics

To order your free Taking Stock In Your Future Guide or Updates on workshops/institutes and resources, please visit or e-mail

About the Investor e-ducation Fund:

The Investor e-ducation Fund develops and distributes educational resources that help people learn to make effective use of financial information as well as the services and advice that the industry offers. It also finances educational initiatives by non-profit, community-based and other qualified organizations. The Fund, a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the Ontario Securities Commission, aims to help current and future investors by giving aid to initiatives that strengthen the knowledge and abilities of Ontario's investing public in practical ways. For more information, or to apply for funding, please visit our web-site at


Targeted Implementation & Planning Supports offers educators a comprehensive approach to planning and implementing Grades 7, 8, and 9 Applied Mathematics curriculum.

This resource is intended to support beginning teachers, provide new insights for experienced teachers and help principles and professional development providers as they work to improve mathematics education.

Key features include: sample lessons for teachers, suggestions for ongoing assessment, synopses of research on topics teachers need to consider when developing unit and lesson plans, and references for further reading and supportive web-sites.

It is found at and new resources are being added regularly to the MathGAINS website in the Learning Resources area.

Math Towers

Math-Towers is a collaborative mathematics environment for pupils in grades 6 to 10.  Explorations, set within a medieval castle context, are initiated by challenges delivered to visitors by the Lord or Lady of the castle.  Each user is then sent off to a tower where they are provided with a laboratory containing virtual manipulatives (applets) that support investigation and tools and places to record their observations and conjectures.  Student work is saved so that participants may visit the tower multiple times, climbing up the floors as they solve aspects of the problem.  In the tower halls beside each laboratory door there is a scroll on which students can present their emerging understanding of the problem.  In addition, users may, to illustrate their thoughts, append a copy of their manipulatives and tools in any state.  After posting a message a user is free to explore the ideas shared by others, add comments, and if they wish, take any of the accompanying tools back to their laboratory for further exploration.  Once they have successfully explored the mathematics, students arrive at the tower ramparts from where they return to again meet the Lord or Lady and attempt a final culminating challenge.

Math-Towers presently holds four explorations related to the following mathematics content.

  • Billiards – factors, primes, common factors, greatest common factor, lowest common multiple, even/odd numbers, introductory algebra (using variables)
  • Garden Path – problem solving strategies, pattern recognition, simple graph theory (circuits)
  • Code Breaker – number bases 1 – 16, converting between bases
  • Coins – factors, multiples, primes, introductory algebra (using variables)

Use of Math-Towers is free, but a teacher or parent must first register and then create logins for their students.


Web-based Mathematics Activities for Early Years

Web-based Mathematics Activities for Early Years provides a space where young children and their teacher or parent can explore number concepts.  Colourful graphics present objects which can be moved around, grouped, and counted.  The images, when displayed on a large screen, provide opportunities for a class to talk about and collaboratively explore mathematical situations.  While solving problems, children can employ embedded tools such as a number line, hundreds chart, counting blocks, and a pencil for marking off items.  The package contains sequences of activities along with suggested instructional approaches, but teachers and their pupils are not restricted to these and can easily make up their own questions to fit the pictures and take their own approaches to solving problems.  Children’s interaction with the package can be further increased with the use of an interactive whiteboard, as this permits pupils to manipulate the objects and tools within the software by just touching the screen.


Math Trail

OAME is happy to post a Math trail on behalf of the grade 7-9 TIPS committee

Here is the math trail in PDF or in MS Word.

and the curriculum in PDF or in MS Word to match it.

If you can't open PDF files then you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader from