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GVMA Fall Mini-Conference
Nov 02, 2017 (03:45 PM to 08:45 PM)
Program will be available in early September on our website details...)
GVMA Fall Mini-Conference
Nov 03, 2016 (03:45 PM to 08:45 PM)
GVMA Fall Conference
Math Brains at Work and at Play
Nov 06, 2014 (03:45 PM to 08:45 PM)
University of Waterloo, New Math Bldg Math 3 (M3).
Checkout GVMA website for more details.(More details...)
Eclectic Mathematical Resources
Nov 07, 2013
Held at the University of Waterloo in the Mathematics and Computing Building (MC) from 3:45pm to 8:45pm. There will be two session times. This year, each session slot has a choice of five topics relevant to various aspects of mathematics education.(More details...)
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