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Our publication, called 'The Gazette'

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... is indexed in the Canadian Education Index and is published four times per year. It is the major periodical for mathematics education in Ontario. Interesting, relevant articles are written by some of the most outstanding mathematicians and educators in Ontario and North America. You can view samples of articles from previous issues by clicking here ...

Two special editions of the Gazette have been published, and are both available to the public. In spring 1991, the Centennial Edition of the Gazette was published (special editor Jack LeSage, co-edited with Bob Smith and Eric Wood), celebrating 100 years of Ontario Mathematics associations. More recently, in spring 2012, a special edition of the Gazette marking the 40th Anniversary of OAME was published (special editor Jack LeSage assisted by a committee of Past Presidents), and was made available in print to all OAME members, as well as to all attendees of the OAME 2012 Annual Conference held in Kingston, May 2012.

Current Issue: Volume 54 # 4 - June 2016
Gazette Table of Contents

    Up Front
  • Editor's Message/Dan Jarvis
  • President's Message /Tim Sibbald

  • Regular Features
  • Ask Assessment Abby | Linking Assessment and Instruction
  • Technology Corner | Fraction Talks /Mary Bourassa
  • Hey, It's Elementary | The Renewed Math Strategy-The Lead Teacher Dilemma /Lynda Colgan
  • Fields Institute MathEd Forum Report /Stewart Craven
  • What's the Problem? Pick a Card, Any Card /Shawn Godin
  • Mb4T (Mathematics by and for Teachers) | Dividing Integers (Part 2) /Ann Kajander
  • OAME/NCTM Report /Todd Romiens
  • Provincial Digital Learning Resources - What's New? Relational Rods Plus ( /Ross Isenegger /Markus Wolski /Agnes Grafton /Greg Clarke
  • In the Middle | Linear Leaping /Carly Ziniuk

  • Articles
  • A Case for Humility in the Mathematics Classroom /Ilona I. Vashchyshyn /Heidi L. Neufeld /Egan J. Chernoff
  • Advancing Escher Art Through Generalization /Tim Sibbald /Miranda Wheatstone
  • Three Spheres of Radii 3, 2, and 1 Mutually Tangent Problem (Part 1) /Andre Lemaire

Also included in every Gazette is an issue of the OAME/AOEM

The Abacus is a publication that focuses on the needs of the elementary mathematics teacher.

Abacus Table of Contents

    Abacus Activities
  • Abacus Editor Greetings /Maty Lou Kestell & Kathy Kubota-Zarivnij
  • RESEARCH SUMMARY | Equivalence and Relational Thinking for Multiplication of Decimal Numbers
  • LINKS TO MANIPULATIVES | Square Grid Rectangles
  • LET'S DO MATH | Representing Relational Products (bansho plan)
  • LINKS TO LITERATURE | Problem Contexts
  • LET'S DO MATH | Multiplication Open Number Sentences with Decimal Numbers
  • LET'S DO MATH | Multiplication True/False Number Sentences with Decimal Numbers

Gazette and Abacus Staff

Position Name Contact Info:
Abacus Co-EditorMARY LOU
Abacus Co-EditorKATHY
Advertising ManagerROBERT

Submission of Articles

Article submissions for the Gazette should be digitally submitted to the editor, Dr. DANIEL JARVIS, using the following email address:

Since articles will undergo a blind review process, please ensure that no personal identification information is to be found in the article file itself.

Articles must be original to the author(s), and should be doubled-spaced, not exceed 10 pages of text, and be prepared according to the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association" (6th ed., 2010).  Please note that the editor reserves the right to edit articles for publication.

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