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2011-Oct-31GAINS Gap Closing - Intermediate/Senior - Adobe Connect Series of PD workshops being offered
2011-Oct-26GAINS A second Adobe Connect Professional Learning Series for new math coaches is now available. Applications now available.
2011-Oct-26GAINS A second Adobe Connect Professional Learning Series for new math coaches is now available. Applications now available.
2011-Oct-21GAINS Video overview of Gap Closing materials by Dr. Marian Small now available
2011-Oct-19GAINS Grade 6 Gap Closing print materials out of stock. After minor edits another printing will occur.
2011-Oct-13GAINS Shirley Dalrymple, former OAME President, storyboarder for CLIPS, is highlighted in the MathGAINS Spotlight after receiving the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence
2011-Oct-11GAINS Attention new math coaches. The Ministry of Education is providing a professional learning series to support you in your new role.
2011-Oct-07GAINS Integrating Assessment and the Mathematical Processes - two page summary developed by Grand Erie DSB available
2011-Sep-30GAINS For Primary Division: A 41-page teacher resource package for teaching Patterning to Algebra in Kindergarten to Grade 3
2011-Sep-21GAINS Gap Closing: Grade 6 Number Sense - Adobe Connect Series
2011-Sep-17GAINS Especially For Directors of Education: How Math GAINS supports development, implementation and monitoring of Board and School Improvement Plans for Student Achievement.
2011-Sep-16GAINS Classroom Dynamics--see it in action. Video and print examples of how teachers are using positive classroom dynamics to support student learning.
2011-Sep-13GAINS Watch examples of differentiated instruction in action in secondary mathematics classrooms.
2011-Aug-01GAINS The materials to support the Student Success Summer Program in Mathematics are available
2011-Aug-01GAINS Revised lessons for Grade 8 Solving Equations are available in English and French
2011-Jul-28GAINS Video available demonstrating the CLIPS - Exploring Different Representations tool (diff reps of Linear Growing Patterns)
2011-Jul-19GAINS Collaborative Action Research - video with researcher (Dr. Cathy Bruce) and teachers discussing their multi-year project.
2011-Jul-07GAINS GAINS Math CAMPPP 2011 : Adobe Connect Professional Learning Opportunity
2011-Jun-06GAINS Co-Planning 2011 Summer Institutes in Mathematics 7-12 - offered by Boards through Student Success Funding - register now
2011-May-18GAINS Registrations for MathCAMPPP 2011 are now being accepted
2011-Apr-12GAINS Manipulative Tip Sheets for using Rekenreks and Five-andTen-Frames in your math class
2011-Mar-03GAINS Two new Manipulatives Tip Sheets: Fraction Circles and Base 10 Blocks
2011-Feb-17GAINS Learning Through Effective Questioning - Digital Research paper released
2011-Feb-09GAINS Gap Closing Grade 6 Number Sense materials now available in French (as well as English)
2011-Feb-02GAINS Research on Grade 6 Gap Closing report available
2011-Feb-01GAINS Gap Closing: Grade 6 Number Sense Adobe Connect Series begins (at capacity)
2011-Jan-27GAINS Technology Supports / Applets now organized by topic and grade (wealth of GSP files)
2011-Jan-26GAINS Manipulatives Supports section added - includes Tip Sheets for various manipulatives and Instructional Strategies page with demonstrations of manipulatives being used in the classroom.
2011-Jan-07GAINS QAO support: Adobe Presenter overview of EQAO format, process, and preparation for this year's assessment
2009-Oct-22GAINS Video available: Part 1 - Board committed to three-year professional learning plan sees excellent gains in student achievement.
2009-Oct-15GAINS PLMLC - "Mathematics Coaching Cycle - Not just a three part series" - PDF of Series Overview available online (goals, agenda, session planning etc..)
2009-Oct-08GAINS Professional Learning for Mathematics Leaders and Coaches - not just a 3-part series - more resources being shared online
2009-Oct-01GAINS Adjusting a TIPS Lesson to emphasize the Mathematical Processes - video posted online
2009-Sep-30GAINS Registration extended for Provincial-level Mathematics Professional Learning Supports for Fall 2009 Three-part Series.
2009-Sep-30GAINS Mathematical Processes Video posted online
2009-Sep-24GAINS Video posted: Interview with Lucy West on Content Coaching
2009-Sep-01GAINS Hot off the Press: Power Point presentations, Facilitator's Guide and handouts that were used at the 2009 DI Summer Institutes (Differentiated Instruction)
2009-Aug-27GAINS Time-sensitive invitations announced: Provincial-level Mathematics Professional Learning Supports for Fall 2009
2009-Jul-29GAINS CLIPS Research documents available from Academic Publications
2009-Jul-21GAINS Guide to Disaggregating Data available, including narrated video
2009-Jun-25GAINS "The Ripple Effects of Mathematics Lesson Study: One School Story" - research paper now available

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