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Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

The Gazette archives

Gazette Volume 60 # 3 - March 2022
The 50th/60th/50th Anniversary Edition
Table of Contents

    Up Front
  • Editor's Report by Timothy Sibbald, Marc Husband, Tina Rapke
  • President's Message by Judy Mendaglio

  • Regular Features
  • Blast from the Past! Samuel Beatty by Jeff Irvine
  • OAME/NCTM Report: Celebrating OAME/AOEM and NCTM Co-operation! 60 Years for the Gazette! And the 50-Year Anniversary of OAME/AOEM! by Jacqueline Hill
  • Events at the Fields by Angelica Mendaglio
  • What's the Problem? Problems from the Past by Shawn Godin
  • In the Middle: Advice, Archives, and the Next 60 Years by Carly Ziniuk
  • Mb4T (Mathematics by and for Teachers): An Anniversary Reflection by Jennifer Holm
  • Interview: The Longest-Serving Abacus Editors, MaryLou Kestell and Kathy Kubota-Zarivnij by Iain Brodie and Hatice Beyza Sezer

  • Special Features
  • Executive Directors: Fred and Lynda Ferneyhough
  • A Few Words from Don Attridge
  • Abacus Review 2007-2021 by Kathy Kubota-Zarivnij, MaryLou Kestell, and Pat Margerm
  • An Analogy on Learning Mathematics by Tom Griffiths
  • Elementary Mathematics Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning: The Past Ten Years by Christine Suurtamm
  • Remembering Sharon McPhail (1942-2021) by Ralph Connelly
  • The Kindergarten Experiment - A Struggle for Recognition, Identity, and Acceptance by Edward Schroeter
  • The Evolution of the OAME/AOEM Website by Greg Clarke
  • Six Ontario Government Pronouncements about Kindergarten from 1890 to 2016 by Edward Schroeter
  • A History of the OAME/AOEM Annual Conference by Wayne Erdman
  • The Abacus, the Early Years by Shawn Godin
  • View through the Years:
  • Secondary Curriculum Over the Last Decade by Jill Lazarus
  • Executive Directors David and Bonnie Alexander by Bonnie Alexander Dave and Sue Hessey by Dave and Sue Hessey
  • My Early Exposure to the Ontario Mathematics Gazette by Peter Saarimaki
  • Gazette Editor: Dan Jarvis
  • Continuing to Foster Connections in Ontario Math Education: A Congratulatory Message from OMCA by Peter Saarimaki and Heather Theijsmeije
  • The Ontario Mathematics Olympics (OMO) by Sandra Jean Price
  • Elementary Math Matters: 1998:Monster Ice Storms, Megacities, Massive Amalgamated School Boards, and Major Math Makeovers by Lynda Colgan
  • Past-President Reflections
  • Quotable Moments from the Ontario Mathematics Gazette
  • Columnist Reflection by Angelica Mendaglio
  • Reflections on Being a Member of OAME/AOEM by Ron Lancaster
  • The Abacus from 2007 to 2021 by MaryLou Kestell

Abacus Volume 60 # 3 - March 2022
Table of Contents

    Special Edition
  • The March 2022 Gazette and Abacus are a combined Special Anniversary Edition celebrating 50 years of Abacus publication (and 60 years of the Gazette, and the 50th anniversary of OAME/AOEM)

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