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Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

Welcome to OAME. The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education is the professional organization for everyone interested in Mathematics Education in Ontario. Our mission is to promote, support, and advocate for excellence in mathematics education throughout the Province of Ontario. For more about OAME, check out our Vision for Learning Mathematics.

OAME/AOEM and all of their professional learning opportunities, including the OAME/AOEM Annual Conference, are not funded in any way by the Ministry of Education or any Boards of Education. If further clarification is required, please contact your local federation office.


Back to School Supports for Teachers

OAME/AOEM continues to strive to support Ontario's mathematics teachers. Here are some of the supports that you may want to visit to help you as you plan the coming scholastic year:
  • - Elementary -
    Here you will find lesson and assessment plans for the 2020 Revised Math Curriculum, as well as webinars to help you navigate the curriculum.
  • - Grade 9 -
    Here you will find sample Course Plans, lesson and assessment plans, and webinars to support the successful implementation of the new grade 9 de-streamed math course.
  • Math 4 the Nines website - Math4theNines
    To further support the implementation of MTH1W, look to this site for a variety of resources, including our Workshops-in-a-Bag.
  • mathies website-
    Here you will find tools and apps that are designed to align with our Ontario mathematics curriculum.
We hope you are able to make excellent use of these free resources! link ...

Free webinar - Thursday night

Join the free GVMA webinar on Thursday, September 23 (7:30-9:00pm), a discussion about the challenges facing our learners in transitioning to post-secondary education, featuring Janet Takata (Conestoga College) and Ian VanderBurgh (University of Waterloo).

For more information: link ... - 2 September webinars - registration open

Dates have been set for two webinars to assist teachers of the newly revised Grade 9 mathematics program. There are 3 times to choose from for each webinar. Go to the Webinars page to register. The topics are: "De-streaming for Success" (Sept 22, 23) and "Shaping the Learning Environment" (Sept 29, 30)

As well, more lessons are added almost daily to the Grade 9 page. Some of the most recent include:
  • Finding Infinity
  • Exploring the History of Mathematics
  • Everything Is Not As It Seems!
  • Aiming Into the Box
  • How’s It Growing? - Using Visual Patterns to Explore Algebraic Relationships

Also, while you're on the Webinars page, check out the recordings of the recent webinars on the "Transition from Elementary to Secondary" and "Course Planning". link ...

OAMEtalks - Season 4 premiere and more!

Listen in on the Season Opener of OAMEtalks as host David Petro chats with Jason To from TDSB about Destreaming Math: Equity, Practice, and Politics.

and check out the Webinar recording now available for viewing on demand.
AND ... introducing ... a brand new feature to OAMEtalks!

Listen to the OAMEtalks Coding in the Classroom podcast, a companion piece to the new Gazette column of the same name. For the inaugural podcast, hosts Iain Brodie and Beyza Sezer speak with Pekka Reinio from Simcoe County DSB.
link ...

mathies Money app - now available in HTML5 !

The second of three HTML5 mathies apps being developed this summer is now available! Check out the Money app which will work in all browsers on all devices. Since Flash has been phased out of existence on most modern browsers this new version has been eagerly anticipated. The iOS and Android versions are still available for download from their respective app stores, though this new HTML5 version will also work in their mobile browsers.

The next app to receive the HTML5 treatment will be Fraction Strips.

To keep in the loop, consider signing up for the Whats New Email List
  link ...

Grade 9 Math Curriculum released!

The official curriculum for the newly revised destreamed Grade 9 math course is now available. The DCP (dynamic curriculum) website features videos as well as links to details about the strands and organization of the new math course. link ...

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