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NOTE: The Gazette Archive has now been updated and now holds all issues of the Ontario Mathematics Gazette from its inception in 1962.
The Abacus Archive now includes all copies of the Abacus that were published alongside the Gazette. The Tables of Contents for the Gazette are complete. The Tables of Contents for the Abacus back-issues are still being updated.
Electronic versions of the Gazette and Abacus are available to all current OAME Members by logging into the Members Only section, and clicking on the Gazette Archive.

Current Issue: Volume 58 # 4 - June 2020
Gazette Table of Contents

    Up Front
  • Editor's Report | Timothy Sibbald
  • Letter to the Editor
  • President's Message | Paul Alves

  • Regular Features
  • Fields Institute MathEd Forum Report | Angelica Mendaglio
  • In the Middle: Mathematical Baking | Carly Ziniuk
  • Mathematical Snapshots| Ottawa Valley Adventures | Ron Lancaster
  • OAME/NCTM Report: Forward Thinking | Jacqueline Hill
  • What's the Problem? Counting Stars | Shawn Godin
  • MB4T (Mathematics by and for Teachers)-Fraction Concepts | Jennifer Holm
  • Blast from the Past: The Birth of the Gazette | Jeff Irvine
  • Linking Literacy and Math-Strategies to Support a Writing Process in Mathematics | David Costello

  • Articles
  • Using Surveys to Assess Student Attitudes Toward Mathematics | Jeff Irvine
  • Supporting Early Geometry and Spatial Reasoning in Kindergarten| A Collaborative Inquiry | Dr. Alexandra Youmans, Edward Schroeter, and Dr. Lynda Colgan
  • Fundamental Math Skills and Elementary Math Students in Ontario | Laurie McNelle, Irina Kaliazine, Jamie Scott, and Maxime Gendro
  • Challenging Students to Generalize | Jenna R. O'Dell and Todd Frauenholtz
  • The Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Elementary Mathematics Instruction | Gabriel Flores

  • Special Features
  • What is| OAME/AOEM Outreach Committee by the Outreach 2019/2020 Committee

Abacus Table of Contents

    Abacus Activities
  • DESIGNING PRACTICE TASKS - Mathematics Content Focus
  • DESIGNING PRACTICE TASKS - Conceptual Understanding
  • DESIGNING PRACTICE TASKS - Procedural Fluency
  • DESIGNING PRACTICE TASKS - Strategic Competence and Productive Disposition
  • DESIGNING PRACTICE TASKS - Divisibility Rules
  • "QUICK IMAGES, MATH PUZZLES AND GAMES" MAT - Decimal Number Division
  • QUICK IMAGES Dots, Squares and Cubes
  • MATH PUZZLES Brain Teasers - Division Equation Search
  • MATH PUZZLES Brain Teasers - Division Challenge 3 x 3 Square Grid
  • MATH PUZZLES Brain Teasers - Logic Division Puzzles
  • MATH PUZZLES Brain Teasers - Division with Unknown Numbers
  • MATH GAMES - Cards, Dice, Interlocking Cubes and Number Line Balance

Sample Articles from The Abacus

IssueDateArticle (Click to download)
Vol 49 - i2 : Dec 2010 Let's Do Math: Tile Problems (with bansho plan)
Vol 49 - i1 : Sep 2010 Abacus Editor Greetings / Mary Lou Kestell & Kathy Kubota-Zarivnij
Vol 48 - i4 : Jun 2010 Links to Literature - The Carpet Boy's Gift / Wangan's Trees of Peace
Vol 48 - i3 : Mar 2010 Let's Do Math - Fun Fair Crispy Quads Problem
Vol 48 - i2 : Dec 2009 LINKS TO MANIPULATIVES - Pattern Blocks
Vol 48 - i1 : Sep 2009 RESEARCH SUMMARY: Representations of Fractions
Vol 43 - i2 : Dec 2004 Coordinate Patterns
Vol 43 - i1 : Sep 2004 Points of Departure: The Hundreds Board

Sample Articles from The Gazette

IssueDateArticle (Click to download)
Vol 51 - i4 : Jun 2013 Linking Representations Using Geogebra / Geoffrey Roulet / Jill Lazarus
Vol 51 - i4 : Jun 2013 Communication in a Blended Math-Talk Community: Extending the Boundaries of Classroom Collaboration / Geoffrey Roulet / Jill Lazarus
Vol 49 - i3 : Mar 2011 Technology Corner - Exponential and Logarithmic Models / Mary Bourassa
Vol 49 - i3 : Mar 2011 Hey It's Elementary - The Elephant in the Room / Lynda Colgan
Vol 49 - i3 : Mar 2011 Math in the Media / Tim Sibbald
Vol 49 - i3 : Mar 2011 Mathematics Improvement Process: A Principal's Perspective / Doug Duff
Vol 49 - i2 : Dec 2010 What's the Problem? Getting to the Root of the Problem / Shawn Godin
Vol 49 - i2 : Dec 2010 In the Middle - From Start to End: Maximizing Instructional Time in the Intermediate Classroom / Caroline Rosenbloom / Jung-Choi Perkins
Vol 49 - i2 : Dec 2010 Supporting Algebraic Thinking: Prioritizing Visual Representations / Ruth Beatty
Vol 49 - i2 : Dec 2010 Billy and the SMART Board(tm) / William Lundy
Vol 43 - i2 : Dec 2004 Hey, It's Elementary... The Context Conundrum / Lynda Colgan
Vol 43 - i2 : Dec 2004 Computer Algebra Systems and the Ontario Curriculum / Tom Steinke, Kevin Spry, Fred Ferneyhough
Vol 43 - i1 : Sep 2004 Assessment Corner: Assessing Mathematical Processes - A Complex Process / Chris Suurtamm
Vol 43 - i1 : Sep 2004 Put on Your ''Mathematical Glasses'': Connecting The Simpsons(R) and Mathematics / Louis Lim

Gazette and Abacus archives

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