GSP4 Summit
Grades 5-8 sketches and files | Grades 9-16 sketches and files | Mathematical investigations

Special thanks to
  • the Grades 5-8 Helpers (Stewart Craven, MaryLou Kestell, and Kathy Kubota-Zarivnij),
  • the Grades 9 - 16 helpers (Gord Cooke, Kate Mackrell),
  • the Whole Group Session Presenters (Bill Higginson, Walter Whiteley),
  • the Queen's University Mathematics, Science, Technology Education (MSTE) Group (Geoff Roulet, Bonnie Knox),
  • Key Curriculum Press,
  • Spectrum Educational, and
  • the GSP4 Artists (Kate Mackrell, Gord Cooke, and Stewart Craven).